Babies can bring both joy and a world of excitement. Your first child can be a fun and confusing time, especially when it comes with a budget. Baby clothes are all fun to buy, but costs can add up and become expensive over time. It seems like everyone these days need to be fashionable and having a  baby might lead you to believe they need to be fashionable too. 

A few nice articles of clothing are, of course, great to have for photos, family pictures, and meeting people for the first time, but it's not economical to buy name brand clothing for a baby that he or she will wear daily. Make sure to plan these things and understand that babies grow. Babies don't stay small forever so that nice outfit you buy might only last for one or two wearings, which would be a shame. 

Make sure to avoid buying tight fitting clothes for your baby. They need room to grow and you don't want them to be uncomfortable as it can hurt them. Buy a size larger than the chart suggests because your baby will grow into the clothes over the course of a month or so. You need to by clothes that are easy to put on and take off, because there will be a time when you regret not doing so. This way you won't struggle when that baby throws up all over the place, or has another similar accident, like poo. To read more on the importance of getting the best baby gears check out 

Try buying baby moccasins clothes that are in single pieces so when you do need to remove the clothing they just snap right off. No struggling with individual pants and shirts or whatever additional clothing articles you might have. Zippers can be a hassle, so can shirts that fully button up, so just try to simplify everything. It will make your life easier in the long run. 

It would be wise to check clearance racks and other various sales when buying baby clothing. There are great deals to be had when it comes to small manufacturing defects so don't overlook these items. Check sales daily, watch for once a year mega sales, and don't forget donated store clothes. 

There's even a program to exchange old or outgrown clothes for cash. Of course, you won't get the same amount you paid, but the money you make could buy additional clothes for your baby, which is what you really want in the first place. 


Finally, you can check with friends and family who have kids if they have any old clothes they don't need. This Jane app option is free if you're on a tight budget, and a great way to stay up to date with friends and family. Most baby clothes are in pretty good shape after they're used because young kids grow rapidly and the clothes get minimal wearings. This is especially true if you buy a large number of clothes for your kids. Using this method can save you the most money of any option, which will help you stick to your budget.